Andrey Azimov

👋 Yo! I'm Andrey

👨‍💻 Founder of and

🏆 Product Hunt's Maker of the Year 2018.

Also I've made: Progress Bar OSX, MacBook Alarm (acquired), Make OS X Great Again, Dark Mode List, Preview Hunt and many more...

I'm from 🇺🇦 Ukraine. ✈️ On the road for the last 5 years.

📍 Curently in Da Nang, Vietnam

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Hardcore Year is done: My journey from quitting my job to building 7 apps and $1,000+ MRR.
How this Maker quit his job and made his side projects profitable in 1 year 🚀
🏆 I’m Product Hunt’s Maker of the Year!
🎉 5 month — 5 products — $5,000 revenue
🎉 5 month — 5 products — $5,000 revenue
Hardcore Year: I Learned Swift, Build a Mac app and Earned $1635 in 1.5 months
How to Accept Payments Online If You Can’t Use Stripe?
Hardcore Year First Month — Getting press coverage and reaching $361/m revenue
I quit my job and I have one year to get to profitability
MVP without code: the toolkit
Upvotes are not sales! Lessons learned from launching a physical product 🚀 🚨 📈
I learned to code, build a web app and launch it on Product Hunt in 2 months

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